Peroneal tendon issues

The Peroneal tendons are two tendons that support two important foot muscles (peroneus brevis and peroneus longus) which allow you to roll to the outside of the foot while standing.

These two muscles are held in place by a band of tissue (called the peroneal retinaculum) which is sometimes over-stretched or torn. When this happens, the peroneal tendons can become dislocated and damaged. 

People who do sports such as football and skiing (which put a lot of strain on the feet) often suffer from the condition. Patients usually have to use crutches after such an injury, in order to allow the retinaculum tissue to heal and the tendons to move back to their natural position on the fibula. Sometimes a splint or compression bandage is applied to decrease swelling. Anti-inflammatory medications and ice are often part of the treatment. Always consult your GP before taking any medication.

In some cases of injury, when the peroneal retinaculum is torn or severely stretched, surgery may be required.