Foot odour

Foot odour is not just embarrassing – it can cause discomfort, too. However, the condition can usually be prevented with a few simple measures.

First, it’s worth briefly discussing why feet smell in the first place. It’s a result of the interaction between perspiration and the bacteria that live in shoes and socks. Clearly, then, reducing foot odour requires Therefore, any strategy to reduce foot odour will involve the issues of perspiration and footwear.

The following will help to prevent foot odour:

  • Avoid nylon socks or plastic shoes. Wear shoes made of leather or canvas or other materials that let your feet breathe.
  • Change socks and shoes at least once a day.
  • Regularly wash and thoroughly dry feet
  • Frequently check for fungal infections between toes and on the bottoms of the feet.  
  • Frequently apply a non-medicated baby powder or foot powder to your feet. An antibacterial ointment may also help.


Most cases of foot odour will clear up on their own, if the measures above are taken. However, persistent foot odour can indicate a low-grade infection. In these cases, you should seek professional advice on treatment, which may involve a prescription ointment.