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Some stuff about the sports resource...ittle toes and the top of the other toes. Soft corns so called because they are soft in texture compared to a hard corns. They occur between the toes, often between the fourth and fifth toe and are kept soft by the moisture in this region. These corns are very painful.

Some more stuff about the resource ....pain when walking or standing. Although corns and calluses are physically the same, there are some structural differences. Corns are well circumscribed thickenings of the skin. They are cone shaped, with the point of the cone pointing down into the skin. This central core of hard skin in a corn is one thing that distinguishes a corn from a callus, and is what can make a corn very painful. Furthermore Corns tend to occur on bony prominences of the feet, namely the outside of the little toes and the top of the other toes. Soft corns so call

About this resource
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About this resource
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